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Shoulder Treatment



STRETCH-n-GO is the stretching and manual therapy branch of:



-a company built on the collaboration between medical providers (PTs, PTA's, LMTs, MD consultants), elite trainers, and sports specialists to help the community maximize their own performance and stay injury free. read more...

We believe stretching is a vital part of taking care of your body and should be included in any type of cardio, strengthening, and functional movement or sports related program.

As research shows, stretching can help prevent injury, can help warm up the muscles to maximize performance, can help with circulation and expedite recovery, and can help with relaxation and stress relief.

However, what stretches are safe? What stretches are needed? Who is screening for red flags? Who is monitoring change? Are you able to stretch effectively on your own? Do you know the proper stretches, strength exercises, and mechanics to help you maximize performance and prevent injury?

Our clinicians at STRETCH-n-GO  are trained in the ACES approach to treatment and goal progression.


ACES is an acronym that stands for:

Assess: We will conduct a thorough evaluation to localize deficits and screen for red flags.  

Change: We will help you change your tissue mobility by using a variety of treatment techniques (active, passive, active assisted, dynamic, contract relax, myofascial release, PNF) to ensure your stretching is effective.

Empower: We will empower you by educating you on how to continue to keep and progress change in flexibility, strength, and habits. 

Succeed: Along the way, we will monitor your progress by scheduling periodic checkups, and reinforce positive  habits to keep you on track on your road to success.

If you believe in investing in your health, come give us a try!


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