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Have you heard of Text Neck?

"Text Neck" guessed it:

It is a condition describing the posture one is in when texting. It is classified as a repetitive stress injury.

Do you know the short term and long term effects of being in this position?

Well, here are some:

-research estimates that for every 10 degrees of neck flexion or bend, it adds at least 10 lbs of force to the cervical discs (see illustration above).

-think about the effects of the forward head position when the human head can weigh over 12 lbs.

You can see how this can cause significant strain to the neck and shoulder muscles (upper traps, levator scapulae, scalene, suboccipitals, paraspinals), in addition stress to the TMJ and overuse of the masseter muscles.

In the long term, this position can:

-cause abnormal wear and tear to the cervical joints leading to premature osteoarthritis.

-can contribute to shoulder impingement and neck impingement syndromes.

-can cause chronic inflammation and overuse

-can lead to chronic tension headaches

-and can also lead to a hump formation to the upper back termed as a Dowingers hump.

And can all this be prevented?.....YES....IT....Can!

So, please educate yourself and your kids!

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